Eat Sleep Nerd

We recap the biggest technology reveals from this years Consumer Electronics Show, including color changing colors, smart mixers, urine labs, cordless televisions, sentry drones for your home, and so much more. Josh also shares his review of the recent Gotham Knights video game.

Topics Discussed

  • Josh reviews the Gotham Knights video game (1:55)
  • Corey recommends watching Mythic Quest (14:00)
  • Jason shares his impressions on Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order (18:20)
  • Quick update on Jeremy Renner’s accident (23:12)
  • Recapping CES 2023 (24:20)
    • BMW’s i Vision Dee color-changing car (26:00)
    • Sony announces its EV car ‘Afeela’ (29:25)
    • Ring has introduced their Ring Car Cam (34:42)
    • Panasonic unveils cupholder-sized air purifier and Amazon Alexa for your car (36:15)

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