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Thanksgiving 2022 Episode Submissions

Enter your Top Picks for favorite nerdy moments of 2022. These do NOT have to be topics/stories that we covered on the podcast. They can even be personal nerdy moments. Whatever you nerded out on the hardest this year!

Some examples include:

  • Henry Cavill back as Superman
  • Ben Affleck back as Batman
  • Hugh Jackman back as Wolverine
  • Charlie Cox is back as Daredevil
  • David Tennant is back in Doctor Who\
  • Ewan McGregor back as Obi-Wan
  • Keanu Reeves back as Constantine
  • James Gunn takes over DC Studios
  • Star Trek returns to form with Strange New Worlds
  • Smaller wins:
    • We finally got the Halo series
    • First look of Harrison Ford back as Indiana Jones
    • Gears of War movie
  • Pleasant surprises
    • Top Gun Maverick
    • Everything Everywhere All at Once
    • Nope
    • House of the Dragon
  • We started a podcast!

Enter as many items as you want.

A minimum of 3.

In order (top to bottom) of favorite to less favorite.

Click the + icon to add more before you hit “Submit”

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