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It’s a jam packed episode! We discuss the first 3 episodes of Star Wars Andor plus we share our reviews and speculation for She-Hulk episode 6, House of the Dragon episode 5, and The Rings of Power episode 5. We also round up last week’s geeky headlines, including: Firefly’s 20th anniversary, The Last of Us trailer, the upcoming Iron Man video game, James Earl Jones retiring, and more.

Topics Discussed

  • Celebrating Firefly’s 20th anniversary
  • Impressions from HBO’s The Last of Us trailer
  • EA Motive is officially making an Iron Man game!
  • James Earl Jones officially retiring from Darth Vader
  • Henry Cavill says The Witcher season 3 arrives in Summer 23
  • The next James Bond actor will have to commit to 10-12 years
  • A new Cloverfield movie is on the way!
  • IN REVIEW: Star Wars Andor episode 1-3
  • IN REVIEW: She-Hulk episode 6
  • IN REVIEW: House of the Dragon episode 5
  • IN REVIEW: Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power episode 5


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