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Corey reviews Forspoken and the Dead Space remake video games, plus we continue our spoiler discussion of HBO’s The Last of Us with our review of episode 3. Plus we get into the nerdy news to talk about Rick & Morty moving on without Justin Roiland, Naughty Dog moving on from Uncharted, Nvidia’s always EyeContact technology, and more.

Topics Discussed:

  • Rick and Morty moving forward without Justin Roiland (11:33)
  • GoldenEye 007 is now on Xbox Game Pass and Switch Online…and the pause music is still baller (17:35)
  • HBO’s The Last of Us has been renewed for season 2 (19:54)
  • Naughty Dog is moving on from Uncharted…and Corey is devastated (22:42)
  • Nvidia’s always EyeContact tech is worrisome (27:53)
  • Amazon is building an MCU-like Tomb Raider universe with a new show, game, and movie (35:25)
  • Netflix has “never canceled a success show” (39:58)
  • REVIEW: Forspoken (44:58)
  • REVIEW: Dead Space remake (57:28)
  • SPOILER REVIEW: HBO’s The Last of Us Episode 3 (01:12:08)


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