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Jason, Josh, and Corey accidently do a geek dive on the streaming wars between Disney and Netflix. They also discuss the latest Warner Bros/DC film news, including updates on Gal Gadot and The Flash. They also do reviews of DC League of Super Pets + Prey + The Sandman Episode 1 + 2.

Topics Discussed

  • Has Disney won the streaming wars? Or is there more to it?
  • Is cable or streaming better?
  • How has The Batman 2 not been greenlit??
  • The Penguin series is still moving forward
  • Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman appearing in several upcoming DC films
  • Wild Speculation: Idris Elba’s upcoming DC role
  • Green Lantern tv series remains on track
  • Leslie Grace could still appear at Batgirl in the future
  • Warner Bros’s 3 potential paths forward for The Flash amidst Ezra Miller’s legal troubles
  • Did Rosario Dawson tease the return of Jon Bernthal’s The Punisher?
  • Tom Cruise wants to return as Tropic Thunder character Les Grossman
  • REVIEW: DC League of Super Pets
  • SPOILER-FREE IMPRESSIONS: The Sandman Episodes 1-2
  • REVIEW: Prey


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