Eat Sleep Nerd

Without anything to review and a crunch for time, we stuck to just the nerdy news in this episode, covering stories such as Ben Affleck’s surprise Batman return in Aquaman 2, MGM losing the rights to Tomb Raider, Ghostrider teases and casting rumors, and more.

Topics Discussed

  • Wild Speculation: Zack Snyder should direct Avengers: Secret Wars
  • Spider-Man Freshman Year is a multiverse story
  • Ben Affleck is returning as Batman in Aquaman 2
  • Rick & Morty season 6 is airing soon!
  • MGM has lost the rights to the Tomb Raider film franchise
  • The Knights of the Old Republic remake has been delayed
  • RUMOR: Punisher returning in Daredevil: Born Again?
  • Speculation: Is She-Hulk teasing the return of Ghostrider?
  • Ryan Gosling as Ghostrider? Naw. We want Keanu Reeves
  • Jon Favreau tried to save Tony Stark in Endgame


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